Kusheen is a quarterly music and culture printed magazine. Every issue is printed with high-quality papers and inks and delivered directly to the readers. It is printed at 7x7in and each issue contains articles covering everything from music festivals to pop culture trends.

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Kusheen Issue 1 - Cover
"We believe that fully engaging with the music we enjoy and the festivals we experience can bring meaning into our lives. And during this age of instant gratification from our devices, we found the need to disconnect and instead experience each other and the moments we were living first hand. We aim to bring you real-world experiences, and discuss what we can do better as a community. We hope you'll join us for this conversation." - Kusheen, Issue 2

I sourced multiple printers, weighing the differences in printer abilities against cost before choosing a printer that wa sable to produce the magazine to the correct specs and for a shorter print run. I was able to negotiate cost down to an industry rate for as short of a run as 50 magazines.

Kusheen printer specifications:
Pages: 60
Height: 7 in         Width: 7 in
Paper: 70# Gloss Text    Cover: 100# Gloss Cover
Ink: 4 process CMYK    Cover: 4 process CMYK
Binding: Perfect Bound    Coating Cover: UV Coating, 2-Sided
Spine Width: 1/2 in (0.5 in)    Bleed: 1/8 in (0.125 in)

I poured through different paper and ink samples, as well as binding types and coatings. This is what allowed me to finalize the perfect printer for the project. I quickly built a relationship with the printer, and through open communication was able to carry the magazine through to completion. I worked closely with them to recieve printed proofs and to update all necessary corrections. I verified I was happy with the print quality and cut before finalizing the job.

"We hope you enjoyed our small adventure, but more importantly, I hope you were able to find something in our words that meant something to you."

In support of the magazine, I developed a social media strategy to organically grow our social media presence. Without the use of paid followers, I was able to grow our instagram presence to 1,000+ followers. Through unique original content creation, Kusheen has captured an active niche audience to engage and support the magazine.

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Print is Dead.
Long live Print.

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