I worked closely with founder Dr. Antigone Skoulas to meet her vision by designing and coding a professional yet friendly user experience for Pycky. It was important that Pycky felt very easy to navigate and understand, while still maintaining a degree of complexity for multiple user profiles.

It needed to cater to both:
1. Potential Clients - People who are looking for a new dentist.
#friendly #easy #direct

2. Potential Users - Doctors in need of a complex but easy to use portal.
#quick #complex #useful

Landing Page

It was important for the Pycky landing page to quickly inspire confidence in the user that Pycky is both a professional and a trusted source of information to help guide them in finding the perfect dentist for them. I included additional feratures like the "emergency" button, which helps users to feel that with Pycky, their well-being comes first. While the website needed to cater to both Doctors and their clients, the landing page needed to be highly specific to the end user who would come to Pycky looking for information. It needed to inspire that adoption before any other goals.

Internal Book and Appt Page

On the other side of the user base, Pycky's user interface needed to be in-depth and provide a lot of information that a Doctor would need. I additionally built out custom form and input assets to tie the entirety of Pycky design together.

Dentist Office Internal Profile Page

On top of building a UI/UX that worked well, it was also important to consider many backend engineering considerations. One example of this would be using information and visuals that could be easily sourced from other locations. As Pycky scrapped much of the initial data before having people signup, many things like cover images for the clinics page needed to be sourcable from things like Facebook covers, or Yelp.

User Profile Page

For every internal page, I also designed different states depending on who the user would be (Doctor or user), whether they were logged in, and if it was their own profile they were viewing or not. I coded and designed state variables for edit buttons, as well as login states and additional hidden or viewable information.

Kusheen Textbook