I constantly worked to solve complex problems. One example of this is a microsite I built for Machine Zone for the release of their game Mobile Strike (a top app store game). I managed the entire production and implementation of this project, from design to code. Machine Zone wanted to be able to serve ads to desktop, but as the game was a mobile app game, they wouldn't be able to redirect users who clicked on their ads to the app store. Instead they had a need of a microsite to direct users to, and then for the users to be able to have a link to download the game sent to them in a variety of ways.

The objective of this site was to not only entice the user to download the game, but also to provide multiple user experience paths to enable them to easily purchase. This included creating a short text code, and implementing that through the website for tracking purposes. Additionally, I built out features such as the in-line video, as well as input forms to allow the user to enter their phone number and have a unique, operating system specific, download code be sent to their phone.

When working on this project, and many other MZ projects, I worked with a lot of celebrity collateral. Extra care had to be taken to follow specific brand guidelines for both the microsite and many of the interactive rich media ads featuring;

Arnold Schwarzenegger
Kate Upton
Mariah Carey

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